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Ella started moving in the circle of the circus ring. She fast perfectionned herself in aerials : fabrics, swinging rope and swinging trapeze were her best compagnons.

When she discoverd vertical dance and voltige dance, she felt like home : in connection with the environnment, delightly high, caressed by the light and the wind, struggling with equilibre and listening for new lines, shapes, rythms.

She trained with the european compagnies Magalie Lanriot (Portugal), Retouramont (Paris), VDKL (UK), Gravity and Levity (UK), Il Posto (Italy) and follow the artistic idea of the Vertical Dance Forum. She also studied contemporary dance, acrobatics (Ecole des Arts Chinois du Spectacle, Paris), philosophy (Université Paris 10 Nanterre) and somatics (Formation professionnelle Danse voltige et poésie du geste, pédagogie et pratiques somatiques Cie Pepi Morena).

Today, Ella is working freelance  in many different projects.

Since 2020 she works as a dancer, performer and teacher of the Compagnie Volt Expérience (Bordeaux, France). In 2021 she founded the duet Tempo di Borea with Rebekka Gather.


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